What Is Mentoring?

  • Mentoring relationship involves pair partnering between the more experienced (mentor) and less experienced (mentee) via mutual agreement
  • Both parties share their work and life experience, and eventually lead each other to career and personal growth and success
  • It is critical that both mentor and mentee actively participate to maximize the benefits from the program
  • Mentors can develop and practice their leadership; mentees learn and grow both personally and professionally through the relationship

KAAS Mentoring

  • We recognized the demand of members to utilize networking opportunities to achieve professional and personal growth
  • Can change or terminate at any time by any party for any reason
  • One can be both a mentor and a mentee at the same time
  • Mentor-mentee relationship lasts until the end of 2014, unless requested by any party for early termination
  • Once pairs are determined, both parties will have to sign confidentiality agreement

KAAS Mentoring Program Schedule

  • Members need to fill out the online questionnaire form here. The survey will be closed in the 2nd week of April
  • Director of Mentoring Program will review the results and announce mentor-mentee pairs via email by the end of April
  • All mentors and mentees will be invited to a training session soon after the pairs are announced
  • Director of Mentoring Program will contact each participant and solicit feedback, at least on a quarterly basis