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Become a member of KAAS today!

Posted on October 21. 2011

Become a member of Korean American Actuarial Society (KAAS) today! 

To register, please proceed to the link here: http://goo.gl/43Prc


At KAAS, there are three types of membership:

  • Regular membership for practitioners that pay annual dues of $200 (or $20 per month)
  • Student membership for students that pay (reduced) annual dues of $100 (or $10 per month)
  • Special membership in recognition of monetary or non-monetary contribution to the Society
Uses of Membership Dues
  • Funding for ongoing Society projects
  • Website Implementation and Maintenance
  • Mentoring program
  • Membership training
  • Media activities, including KAAS Newsletter
  • Other projects to fulfill the best interest of the members
  • Funding for other operations of the Society
  • All transactions will be recorded and communicated with members
  • Attend our social events at a discounted price or for free
  • Fast access to job opportunities at sponsoring companies