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May General Meeting

Posted on May 19. 2012



Thank you everyone for coming out on Friday! It was truly a great pleasure and honor to meet with each one of you! Please click on the above image or here to download the meeting slides. 


As discussed at the general meeting, we will analyze your responses to the mentorship questionnaire and determine mentor-mentee pairs in the next few weeks. You can expect to receive an email announcement from us in mid-to-late June. Stay tuned! 


I would also like to remind you that the KAAS BBQ party is scheduled to occur on Saturday, June 23 at Bear Mountain. This event is open to everyone and we encourage members to bring their friends and family. 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the topics discussed or upcoming events, please either post your question here or send an email at KoreanActuary@gmail.com.


Thank you,